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Broken Garage Door Spring Kansas City MO

Have you ever heard a huge bang coming from your garage? It may send shivers down your spine when you hear a loud noise from your garage door. This could be probably because the garage door slammed hard on the surface. One of the major causes of this may be a snapped garage door spring.

Breaking of garage door springs is very dangerous especially when you are off guard. If you left something in the path of your garage door, then it will definitely get damaged because of the heavy weight of the door. It is really scary to even imagine the kind of injuries that a faulty door is capable of causing.

If your garage door is at fault in Kansas, don't worry as Kansas City Garage Door Experts will come to your rescue to help restore your door and prevent future accidents. We offer quality garage door repair for all garage door parts like broken garage door spring repair , garage door opener repair  cable repair, and other service in Kansas. Do you have any idea what causes the garage door springs to break?

Reasons behind a Broken Spring of Garage Door 

Wear and Tear

Springs may break due to the normal wear and tear. Wear and tear makes the spring weak and it breaks eventually. Depending on the quality of the springs, wear and tear takes place. A good quality spring is more durable than a substandard one.

Fluctuations in Temperature

Metals are very sensitive to temperature changes and it contracts and expands as temperature rises and falls. Sudden rise or fall in temperature may cause the metal to break and so is the case with the springs.

Lack of a Proper Garage Door Maintenance

The springs need to be maintained just like the other parts that make up your garage door. If the springs are not adjusted and maintained properly, then they are likely to break.

Poor Installation of Your Garage Door

A poorly installed door affects all the individual components that make up the door. If the garage door springs are not fitted properly, then they will be under excess stress, which may cause them to snap.

When you find a broken garage door springs, contacting us would be a great idea. We are able to offer any garage door repairservice after a thorough inspection of the door to determine the cause of the problem. To ensure that we repair the broken spring satisfactorily, we do the following.

Replace Both Garage Door Springs 

Most garage doors come with two springs. Even if only one spring breaks, we suggest replacing the both. This is because the breaking of one spring takes a toll on other springs.

We Use the Correct Garage Door Springs  

A wide range of garage doors comes with various kinds of springs due to the difference in size and weight of the garage doors. Due to this, we ensure that we use a spring that matches the previous one. This is meant to prevent the spring from breaking again and prevent strain on the garage door opener. The garage door springs cost is very economical in our company.

Inspection after Repairing the Springs   

Once we are done with replacement of the spring, we conduct an inspection not only to ascertain that the garage door springs are working correctly, but also to ascertain that the entire door is in a good shape.

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